Socialize Right! changes the culture of schools and families with the tools to engage in social media the right way

Seminars with Teachers, Parents and Students

One bad move on social media could potentially have lasting negative consequences. The assembly uses pop culture references, useful tips and scary past examples to teach people to use the social media channels properly.

Online Learning Management Tool

We offer an online learning management tools for adults to catch up to speed with the latest trends and activities in social media. We offer the information in small, accessible ways so to retain information on your time.

Posters and Collateral Material

We posters and other collateral material that encourages students to post positive messages on social media. We don’t say stay away from social media. We teach people to use it the right way.

Guest Athletes

We partner with professional and amateur athletes who share their experience first hand. At times, they have a lot on the line. Their personal experiences expose the pitfalls of poor social media management.

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