Socialize Right! provides parents and youth with the right education and tools to understand the complex landscape of social media.

School Seminar

One bad move on social media could potentially have lasting negative consequences. The assembly uses pop culture references, useful tips and scary past examples to teach your students and athletes to use the social media channels properly.

One-time Social Media Audit

Our social media audit gives you an overview of how your child is presenting him or herself online. We flag content that might harm their opportunities for the future. We also suggest other write content to get the child’s point across.

Social Analysis and Reporting

We offer social media analysis that will flag controversial content and highlight positive postings. The data comes in a report sent to parents on a monthly basis.

Guest Athletes

We partner with professional and amateur athletes who share their experience first hand. At times, they have a lot on the line. Their personal experiences expose the pitfalls of poor social media management.