Social media coaching to help student athletes become positive influencers in society


After designing a presentation for the Cincinnati Bengals about proper use of social media and presenting to the University of Pittsburgh’s Football Team about social media and personal branding best practices, Socialize Right was born. We envisioned utilizing our vast network of athletes and branding experts around the United States and empowering them to teach student athletes the best way to present their personal brand to the public through online media. As a result, high school and college athletes are better connected, get more opportunities for employment and help populate our cluttered online world with positivity.

Personal Branding

These are six key elements to forging a positive presentation to the public through social media. All of these elements shape your brand. A brand is a series of experiences, conversations, and images that reflect who you are. The company you keep, the clothes you wear, and the things you say and do on social media all reflect who you are.

1. Authenticity
The way one uses language and images to share who you are to the voice chosen must be delivered in a way that represents the “real” you.   
2. Design
The look of your online persona is just as important as the look you portray in real life. By utilizing the plethora of free fonts, colors and design elements available, you can ensure your online and offline persona are one and the same.  
3. Identity
Designing a mark, icon or logo that reflects who you are helps you stand out from crowded voices.  
4. Platforms
Selecting the right social media platform is key to presenting to the right audience When to post? How to post?  
5. Frequency
How much information you share about yourself is key. Oversharing turns people off, frequently posting positive messages helps shape your identity in a positive way.
6. Influence
Now that you created a style guide that reflects who you are now is the time to  influence those around you, spreading positive messages about who you are and those around you.

Superbowl Champion, Josh Miller, and social media expert, Eric Sloss, chat with the University of Pittsburgh Football Team

What we offer

For high school student athletes

30 – 45 minute talks with social media and branding experts to discuss how to present oneself on social media in a positive way. It is done by presenting information to student athletes in a fun and contemporary way using pop culture themes to teach teenagers, young adults, and student athletes how to present themselves positively.


A free assembly to coaches, athletic directors and booster clubs about our approach and how social media can be used to continue life long lessons, training and skills learned on the field, ice, or court.

For college student athletes

45 minute dive into how social and traditional media play a role in our lives with a professional or former athlete and social media experts. The On Deck presentation shares tips and advice using pop culture themes, videos and an interactive presentation to engage students and teach them lessons on how to post positive.

The online learning tool helps student athletes and their parents understand how to manage a personality online in a positive way. By doing so, student athletes will understand how to present themselves in a positive manner to potential recruiters, coaches, or employers.  Creating a positive online persona has the potential to create new opportunities to succeed in the connected world we live in.

For Parents of Student Athletes

A free assembly to parents by social media and branding experts to teach them how to help their student athlete present themselves in public in a positive way.

The online learning tool helps student athlete parents understand how to manage a personality online in a positive way. In addition to helping the student athlete present themselves positively, our online learning tool is filled with useful information that parents can utilize as well.  

The Team

Super Bowl Champion, Josh Miller, has a unique perspective as both a former professional athlete and a current member of the sports news media. Prior to becoming a radio host on Pittsburgh’s premiere sports radio station, CBS 93.7 The Fan, Miller was an NFL punter for 13 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New England Patriots, and the Tennessee Titans.

The Socialize Right Team partners with the Will Allen Foundation. Started by former NFL safety Will Allen — who played for the Dallas Cowboys, Tenessee Titans, and the Pittsburgh Steelers– was inspired to positively impact the community in which he lives, works, and plays. In 2008, Allen started the Will Allen Foundation in his endeavor to “pay it forward” and assist in changing lives.

Research on cyber-bullying and online activity for Socialize Right is supported by the work of Dr. Terry O’Hara Ph.D. Dr. O’Hara is a Licensed Psychologist. He has over 20 years of experience working with children, adults, families and has extensive experience with diverse and challenging populations.

Additional team members include Shift Collaborative, a leading social media agency, Domenic Mantella, sports branding and marketing expert, Rocco Cozza, a partner of a social media agency, Mike Evan, an investor with more than 20 years experience in the financial sector, and Dr. Dan Lentz, a Program Principal and high school administrator.

Will Allen, former NFL Safety, speaking to student athletes about proper use of social media.


In The News

Students join sports for exercise and camaraderie but they also learn leadership and life skills. Coaches and athletic director’s often miss how important social media plays a role in the lives of students. Socialize Right teaches teams how to use social media the right way by leveraging these online tools to become positive influencers in society and to champion good sportsmanship.

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