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[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] “I’ve reported on it so many times how professional athletes who misuse social media. Our program sets the foundation for teachers, students and parents to present themselves the right way in social media,” said Josh Miller, managing member. “Our products bridge the gap between what students know about social media and what parents don’t know about online activity. As a parent of three, I know the struggle it is for parents to manage kids social media feeds. It’s hard to be a kid these days. One poor judgement on social media could mean a major lost opportunity. Socialize Right is the perfect solution for parents and kids to understand the vast social media landscape.”

The company was inspired by a social media presentation Shift Collaborative designed for the Cincinnati Bengals in 2015.

“The demand for up-to-date information about the landscape of social media has been remarkable,” said Eric Sloss, co-founder of Socialize Right and Principal Partner of Shift Collaborative. “The current opportunities for adults and youth to understand the ever changing landscape of social media is daunting, poorly designed and not a contemporary reflection about the world they live in. Socialize Right makes the information accessible and we shape real-time issues happening in social media and turn them into lessons for parents and youth. We share present-day social media information that is beautifully designed and understandable.”

Socialize Right offers seminars or assemblies, collateral material that reminds students and teachers about social media to hang in schools and one-on-one consultation with parents, teacher and youth. The program offerings include current and former professional athletes who help teach from their experiences about social media and a category to help organizations teach employees how to use social media when representing an institution.

The new company now offers an Online Learning Management platform to teach educators, parents and students how social media influences their life. The platform is an easy to use education platform that offers information about various apps being used like Snapchat and Instagram and other ways to intervene with youth about online activity. The platform has a series of question and answers that allows users to retain information by providing it in small modules.

“In two decades working at the University of Pittsburgh, I’ve never received more positive, unsolicited feedback on a presentation from our student-athletes then I did with Socialize Right,” said E.J. Borgetti, Executive Associate Athletic Director. for Media Relations for the University of Pittsburgh. “Moreover, I saw firsthand throughout the season how our football team applied what was taught and emphasized in the program. The presentation is a highly effective mix of information, education and entertainment that provides vivid examples of how—and how not—to conduct oneself in today’s pervasive media culture. I would emphatically recommend this program for any team, organization or corporation that works in the public spotlight.”

Socialize Right provided more than 15 schools with social media consultation. Evan’s investment will allow the social venture into more schools and scale nationwide. Westmoreland County Community College, University of Pittsburgh Football Team, Springdale High School, Homer-City Middle School and High School Voyager Academy in North Carolina and Plum School District are a few districts the program has helped educate current trends in social media.

Socialize Right appoints Daniel E. Lentz, Ph.D., an administrator at Fox Chapel Area High School, as the Chief Executive Officer. Since 2009, Lentz has served as the Program Principal at Fox Chapel Area High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has worked in multiple administrative roles at four different school districts in the greater Pittsburgh area. His experience over a 26 year career includes a focus on teacher professional development, high school reform initiatives, technology integration, and curriculum development. Presently, Dr. Lentz is the director of the Northern Area Principals Association and owner of Spumoni Educational Consultants.

Research on cyber-bullying and online activity for Socialize Right is supported by the work of Dr. Terry O’Hara Ph.D. Dr. O’Hara is a Licensed Psychologist. He has over 20 years of experience working with children, adults, and families in a variety of settings. He also has extensive experience with diverse and challenging populations, including patients with dual diagnosis issues, conduct disordered children, sex offenders, and patients with major mental illness.

Super Bowl Champion, Miller, has a unique perspective as both a former professional athlete and a current member of the sports news media. Prior to becoming a radio host on Pittsburgh’s premiere sports radio station, 93.7 The Fan, Miller was an NFL punter for 13 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the New England Patriots, and the Tennessee Titans. Seeing the corrosive power of social media from multiple perspectives lead Miller to team up with Shift Collaborative in order to offer social media training to young athletes and students. In his time on the radio, Josh has reported about athletes getting in trouble on social media.

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Rebecca Dyer
Guidance Counselor – Grades 10-12
Allegheny Valley School District

E.J. Borgetti
University of Pittsburgh
Executive Associate A.D. for Media Relations
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